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Prevent Your Basement From Flooding

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If your basement floods frequently, your home is at risk for extensive water and mold damage. A professionally installed sump pump can prevent these issues and keep your property dry. Peter Somerdyke Plumbing Inc. offers sump pump repair and installation services. Our experienced team knows how to take care of your sump pump. No matter where you are in Kent County, you can depend on us to keep your pump working for as long as possible.

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What effects your sump pump installation

Choosing the right sump pump for your property is a necessity. Just a few of the things we'll consider during your installation are:

  • Property type-low-lying properties are more likely to flood
  • Square footage-a small space doesn't have the same needs as a large one
  • Weather-the amount of rainfall in your area can determine what kind of pump you need
Our experts will determine the best unit for your property and install it correctly. To schedule your sump pump installation, email us today.