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Address Issues With Your Plumbing System Immediately

Call on Peter Somerdyke Plumbing Inc. for your plumbing repair

Inefficient plumbing systems put a real wrench in your day. You could end up dealing with persistent clogs. Keep your systems in excellent condition by hiring Peter Somerdyke Plumbing Inc. for plumbing repair. We'll assess and diagnose common plumbing problems with your toilet, sink or bath.

Schedule your plumbing or sewage repair by calling 616-977-3377 today.

What's included in our plumbing repair services?

Our general plumbing and sewage repair services include:

  • Unclogging clogged drains
  • Fixing leaky pipes
  • Mending damaged water heaters
  • Replacing broken toilets

After we've assessed the condition of your system, we may determine that a comprehensive plumbing replacement is necessary. This not only improves efficiency, but saves money on your energy bills.

Your plumbing repair is just a phone call away. Call today to schedule your appointment.